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Leaning Out: How the “Will to Share” is Changing Us
21st July 2016

We all know that social media has a pull on the ego, but how does this pull actually work and what…

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Checking your smartphone again? It’s an object of emotional supply
6th May 2016

There it is, in your pocket itching away. Did you feel it buzz? Did you check it anyway, even if you…

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Has AirBnB Lost its soul? The breaking dream of the sharing economy
14th January 2016

The Internet was supposed to be the great disruptor. It was going to unleash a “sharing economy” that would enable people to…

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Don’t Swipe Left: “Tinderisation” – understanding choice and meaning in the digital age
18th September 2015

I’m pretty much in love with interdisciplinary perspectives. Quite simply, this perspective allows for a variety ways or theories to understand a…

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The Tinderisation of Everyday Life: when too much choice backfires
29th March 2015

Choice may be the result of the abundance produced by consumer capitalism, but that doesn’t make it a good thing….

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The Psychology of Stranger Shaming
29th January 2015

Novel words to describe new activities appear to be propagating at least as quickly as the new-fangled technologies that are responsible for…

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