Is Facebook bringing us closer together, or pushing us further apart?
24th January 2012

For most, the answer to this question is obvious. Facebook brings us together. It puts us in touch with those we…

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The persona, the false self, and the social network: who are you on Facebook?
14th January 2012

In my last blog I used the psychological concepts of the ego and the self as a way to describe and…

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Social Media, the ego, and the self
2nd January 2012

How does social media affect (or reflect) the basic ways in which we understand ourselves and others? One question seems to…

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We Need to Talk about Kevin (with Melanie Klein)
23rd October 2011

If there is anyone to be given credit for completely decimating the idea that mother and child are supposed to be…

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The media as psychologist for the masses
3rd October 2011

There is little doubt that the media as a far more profound affect on our culture than does the entire profession…

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Psychology of Twitter II
7th May 2011

Social networking appears to be doing its job. This rather obscure blog remained obscure until I joined Twitter just a few…

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