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The persona, the false self, and the social network: who are you on Facebook?
14th January 2012

In my last blog I used the psychological concepts of the ego and the self as a way to describe and…

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Social Media, the ego, and the self
2nd January 2012

How does social media affect (or reflect) the basic ways in which we understand ourselves and others? One question seems to…

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Psychology of Twitter II
7th May 2011

Social networking appears to be doing its job. This rather obscure blog remained obscure until I joined Twitter just a few…

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Psychology of Twitter
10th April 2011

After much indecision and one failed attempt, I have finally got myself a Twitter account. My reasons for avoiding Twitter up…

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Virtually Relating and the Psychology of Facebook
24th August 2010

It is becoming time for the psychological professions to seriously get their heads around the consequences of the rapidly changing nature…

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