Psychological Commentary On Trump And The Goldwater Rule – What’s A Concerned Shrink To Do?
1st September 2017

This article was first published on The Huffington Post UK on August 7, 2017 We’ve been hearing an awful lot about The…

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The Psychology of Trump’s Tweets
30th June 2017

Another tweet, another firestorm. Clearly it’s not normal, and even more clearly, this behaviour is not suited to the office of…

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Better Than You Know Yourself: influence, fake news, algorithms, and your online self
1st June 2017

First Brexit. Then Trump. Were they related? Were “dark forces” working to manipulate the population at large to achieve their sinister…

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Seeking the Self: A new podcast adventure
23rd March 2017

“There was something vampiric about devouring a person’s whole life in an 80-minute podcast interview, then moving on to someone else.”…

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When Status Anxiety is No Longer Just in Your Head: a review of Black Mirror’s Nosedive
25th October 2016

We would like to believe, just like all those flowered memes flying across Twitter and Instagram, that it doesn’t matter what…

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Leaning Out: How the “Will to Share” is Changing Us
21st July 2016

We all know that social media has a pull on the ego, but how does this pull actually work and what…

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