Aaron is a highly experienced media contributor offering serious psychological insight both in a consultative and participative capacity. He has proven skills in delivering authentic and accessible psychological insights without dumbing them down to a variety of different audiences.

Aaron believes it is incumbent on those producing media programmes to be psychologically responsible and ethical. Whether you are creating a factual programme in which you interview real people, a drama that addresses sensitive issues, or a “reality” programme in which individuals are asked to publicly confront difficult situations, it is necessary to have psychological support and/or consultation.

Aaron’s experience includes being the longest running mental health contributor for BBC Radio 1’s phone-in Surgery programme for young people. He has also appeared on BBC Radio 4’s The Moral Maze and The Digital Human. He is a regular presenter on CBBC’s Lifebabble (currently available on the iPlayer) and has offered mental health content for younger audiences via BBC Three Television and SC4 Welsh programming. He regularly appears as a guest expert on live radio and television.

Aaron is available for expert comment on psychology and mental well-being in response to breaking news or others stories of contemporary interest. Aaron is also experienced writer, regularly contributing both to print and online media.

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