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When Status Anxiety is No Longer Just in Your Head: a review of Black Mirror’s Nosedive
25th October 2016

We would like to believe, just like all those flowered memes flying across Twitter and Instagram, that it doesn’t matter what…

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The Spectre of Memory: Psychoanalysing Bond
16th November 2015

Bond is not really a man for the analytic couch – he has little time for self-reflection, what with all that…

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Interstellar: The Ghost is Not in the Machine
10th November 2014

Poor Christopher Nolan. He must have wanted to flagellate himself (hard) when Gravity came out. No doubt Interstellar was more than…

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The elusive experience of youth: Boyhood, a psychological review
21st July 2014

Oscar Wilde famously quipped that youth was wasted on the young. When you hear this quote as a young person, either you…

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Enlightenment 2.0: “Her” and technologically assisted transcendence
16th February 2014

We are living in exciting times. Few of us can remember an epoch when we weren’t all so goddamned self-reflexive. Everyday…

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Gravity: on letting go in order to live.
9th November 2013

Gravity is a visually stunning masterpiece of a film. From the trailers one is led to believe that we are in…

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