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The Spectre of Memory: Psychoanalysing Bond
16th November 2015

Bond is not really a man for the analytic couch – he has little time for self-reflection, what with all that…

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Don’t Swipe Left: “Tinderisation” – understanding choice and meaning in the digital age
18th September 2015

I’m pretty much in love with interdisciplinary perspectives. Quite simply, this perspective allows for a variety ways or theories to understand a…

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Internet Privacy is About More than Security: it’s about psychology too
27th July 2015

Internet privacy probably isn’t quite the topic of concern that it probably ought to be. It strikes me that if people…

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When you can’t reach out and touch someone: more research into psychotherapy by Skype
14th July 2015

Pretty much every American from my generation can still sing the AT&T jingle, “Reach out and touch someone” – a jingle…

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Sacred, Profane, or just Banal? Research into Online (Skype) Psychotherapy
15th May 2015

The psychotherapy consultation room is seen as a sacred space. Just look at Freud’s. Those who have been seduced by psychoanalysis…

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The Tinderisation of Everyday Life: when too much choice backfires
29th March 2015

Choice may be the result of the abundance produced by consumer capitalism, but that doesn’t make it a good thing….

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