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The Tinderisation of Everyday Life: when too much choice backfires
29th March 2015

Choice may be the result of the abundance produced by consumer capitalism, but that doesn’t make it a good thing….

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Online Therapy, Where Hugs are Not Possible: Research Into Online Psychotherapy (Part 3)
9th March 2015

This blog post has been guest written by Evangelos Tsempelis and is the third part of Zurich Lab’s research into online dynamic…

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The Psychology of Online Space: Where is it?
9th February 2015

Literally, we know the answer to the question of where our online world exists: within the cloud. While this cloud is…

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The Psychology of Stranger Shaming
29th January 2015

Novel words to describe new activities appear to be propagating at least as quickly as the new-fangled technologies that are responsible for…

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A Psychotherapy for Today: research, development, and practice in the digital age
7th January 2015

In the face of so many technological developments in recent years the practice of psychotherapy can seem strangely anachronistic and traditional;…

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Googleheads, Buzzfeed Boffins, and Mobile Mad: information, technology, and us
12th December 2014

There are just a few weeks left in 2014, so perhaps it’s a good time to pause and think about ourselves…

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