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Online Harassment – it’s not just media hype
24th October 2014

If you’ve been reading the news lately, you might feel that by going online you’ll be subjecting yourself to all sorts of danger….

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Sadism on the Internet, what does it say about us?
9th October 2014

For a long time there has been an increasing sense that Internet trolling has been growing out of control. Though the…

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Roboshrink: mental distress has a new enemy
17th August 2014

We knew this day would come, we just didn’t quite know when. Most recently, it was The Economist that reported on…

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The elusive experience of youth: Boyhood, a psychological review
21st July 2014

Oscar Wilde famously quipped that youth was wasted on the young. When you hear this quote as a young person, either you…

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The Strongest Online Persuader You’ll Ever Encounter: Yourself
11th May 2014

It’s time we were honest with ourselves about online persuasion, don’t you think? As every day passes, the online environment becomes more…

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The Psychodynamics of Social Networking [Video]
2nd April 2014

My aim in writing the book The Psychodynamics of Social Networking was to take the incredible ideas and theories produced by…

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