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The Unconscious of Social Media
20th May 2019

In 2014 I published The Psychodynamics of Social Networking: connected-up instantaneous culture and the self. Since then I have been travelling…

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The Psychology of Social Media Podcast on The Mental Breakdown
10th September 2017

It’s been a while since I’ve had the chance to have a nice long conversation about my book The Psychodynamics of Social…

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Seeking the Self: A new podcast adventure
23rd March 2017

“There was something vampiric about devouring a person’s whole life in an 80-minute podcast interview, then moving on to someone else.”…

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Psychotherapy Online: The Not So Final Analysis
20th July 2016

Technology enables us to communicate with each other; it underlies this very blog allowing me to share with you the conclusions…

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Are You in Control of Your Tech, or is Your Tech in Control of You?
20th May 2016

Last Monday morning I made a small change on my iPhone that has had a rather massive impact. I disabled my…

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Checking your smartphone again? It’s an object of emotional supply
6th May 2016

There it is, in your pocket itching away. Did you feel it buzz? Did you check it anyway, even if you…

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