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Business and Organisational Consultation:


As with my public speaking, I developed a passion for applying ideas and concepts from psychology far beyond where it is traditionally practiced and taught. I have worked across business, industry, and the charity sector to help individuals and organisations build psychological principles and practices into the culture of their workplaces. I have also founded, run, and wound down an international business myself, so I am familiar with the challenges and opportunities that come with that experience.  

As someone who works with complexity daily, I do not come with boiler-plate solutions for the unique situations you or your organisation may be experiencing. Nor am I particularly interested in helping organisations meet their "mental health" responsibilities as a box-ticking exercise. Instead, I will organise a deep dive with you and/or your teams to help us identify any underlying issues together. That way, we will develop ways to resolve them. Whether this is done through one-to-one psychological consultation with executives and leaders or working with whole teams and departments, I will work with not only to identify and solve any challenges you may be facing, but even more importantly, to help you develop a psychologically safe and emotionally thriving workplace. We do that by ensuring that any issues stay resolved through regular follow-up and continued improvement. 


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Psychotherapy, Supervision, and Training:

The practice of psychotherapy continues to be the backbone of my professional life, underscoring and informing everything else that I do. I work with individuals both online and face-to-face from my practice in Shoreditch.

As a supervisor working with psychotherapists and counsellors from a variety of backgrounds and modalities aiming to help them integrate and ground their practice, as well as to stretch and develop as clinicians. I would say that like in psychotherapy, I take an "active" approach to supervision, doing my best to enhance supervisees' strengths while developing their learning edges. I also work with executive and business coaches to enable them to develop their skills to deepen their work.

Unfortunately at the moment I am not taking on any new psychotherapy clients or supervisees. However, if you would like to go on a waiting list, please do contact me.

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Digital Policy:

In recent years I have come to see that technology and social media use can also affect the therapeutic relationship and have found it necessary to create a digital policy. I ask all my clients and supervisees to read my digital policy when they start therapy. This policy is also intended to be freely used, copied, and amended by other professionals who would like to develop their own.

You can read my digital policy in more detail here.

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